STD 10 VIGYAN UNIT 2 ACID BASE XAR ધોરણ ૧૦ વિજ્ઞાન એકમ ૨ એસીડ બેઇઝ અને ક્ષાર એકમ કસોટી

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STD 4 GUJARATI UNIT 15 be bahadur chokra

ધોરણ ૧૦ વિજ્ઞાન એકમ ૨ એસીડ બેઇઝ અને ક્ષાર

You already know that acids are sour in taste and change the colour of blue litmus to red, whereas, bases are bitter and change the colour of the red litmus to blue. Litmus is a natural indicator, turmeric is another such indicator. Have you noticed that a stain of curry on a white cloth becomes reddish-brown when soap, which is basic in nature, is scrubbed on it? It turns yellow again when the cloth is washed with plenty of water. You can also use synthetic indicators such as methyl orange and phenolphthalein to test for acids and bases. In this Chapter, we will study the reactions of acids and bases, how acids and bases cancel out each other’s effects and many more interesting things that we use and see in our day-to-day life.

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👉 દરેક પ્રશ્ન માટે તમારી પાસે 30સેકંડનો સમય હશે.
👉છેલ્લે તમારું સર્ટીફીકેટ જનરેટ થશે જેનો સ્ક્રીનશોટ લઇ શેર શકશો.

નીચેના બોક્સમાં તમારું નામ લાખો

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