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Why do we need Food

  • We know that all living things be it plants and animals need food and water to live on.
  • We need food because food gives us energy.
  • The food we eat gives our body essential nutrients to help us grow and heal when we are injured or are ill.
  • Thus food keeps us healthy and provides us with essential nutrients to fight diseases and maintain body functions.
  • Food is a substance eaten by us to do work, growth, maintain our body and remain healthy.
  • Food Definition:- It refers to the edible substances consumed by humans and other animals in order to obtain energy for various tasks as well as growth and development.
  • We must NEVER WASTE food in any way.
  • We must consume food four times a day to remain healthy -> Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner.

Importance Of Food

  • The importance of food for living organisms is as follows:
    1. It helps in the growth of living organisms.
    2. It also helps to repair and replace damaged parts of the body.
    3. This provides the energy required for various activities.
    4. It provides protection from infections and various diseases.
    5. It helps in the overall growth and development of an organism.
  • We must eat different kinds of food at different times for proper Nutrition.
  • Different people eat different types of food according to their habits, lifestyle, taste, region, religion, availability and various other factors.
  • Even in a single-family different people have different choices of food.

What are ingredients?

  • Food Ingredients are the materials required to prepare the dish we consume as food.
  • Food Ingredients can be obtained from plant sources and animal sources.
  • To prepare food we need different kinds of ingredients For example - To cook vegetable curry we need different types of vegetables, salt, spices oil and so on. Another example is To prepare vegetable curry, we need different kinds of vegetables, salt, spices, oil
  • Food is prepared using various Ingredients of food.
  • Plant Source

    • For us, several parts of the plant serve as sources of food. We eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, and pulses etc, which are types of food that come from various portions of a plant.
    • For example, we eat leafy vegetable, fruits, and some parts of plants like stem and roots.
    • Green plants -> are called PRODUCERS because they prepare their own food using light, air (carbon dioxide), water, & chlorophyll (green pigment present in trees) by the process of photosynthesis.
    • So, we can say that green plants are the primary source of food.
    • FigurePlant-parts-as-food.png
    • સારા માર્ક મેળવવા માટે સૌ પ્રથમ આ પાઠનો વિડીયો જુઓ ત્યારબાદ ટેસ્ટ આપો

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