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  • TET / TAT / HTAT Study Materials

    TET / TAT / HTAT Study Materials

    TET / TAT / HTAT Study Materials
    Friends I recommand You All to Download This three important things for any competitive examination. First Our Daily Quiz. In this Daily Quiz you will get 20 Mcq type questions PDF file In which you will get questions related history, Gujarati literature, Science And Technology, Gujarati Grammar, Current Affairs, Maths, Pragna And lot more subject.
    To Download Our Daily Quiz : Click here
    Second is our Magazine Gyanparab. This Magazine is Specially Designed For Competitive exams Like HTAT,TET,GPSC,TAT
    To download Gyanparab Issues : Click here
    Third Is Competitive India Magazine For Current Affairs 
    To Download Competitive India Magazine : Click here
    Section -1 (General Studies)Bandharn
    220 Questios : Click Here
    RTI Act-2005 : click here
    Office Kiping Module : click here
     RTE ACT MODULE 2009 : Click here
     RTE ACT GADGET GUJARATI : click here
    Indian first Woman(Achievement) : Click Here
    Guajarat Na Kheladiyo : Click here
    Panchayati Raj PDF : Click Here
    Current Affairs 100 Questions : Click Here
    Current Affairs 220 Questions : Click Here
    History 180 Questions : Click Here
    History 240 Questions : Click Here
    Gujarati Bhasha Sundary E-Book : Click Here
    Gujarati Bhasha Vivek E-Book : Click Here
    Gujarati Sahity 100 Questions Part-1 : Click Here
    Gujarati Lekhak-Kavi Upnaam : Click Here
    Gujarati sahity 220 Questions - Answers : Click Here
    Gujarati Sahity 101 Question part-2 : Click Here
    Gujarati sahity 161 Questions Part-3 : Click here
    Gujarati Sahity 289 Questios Part-4 : Click Here
    For Ranjitram SuvarnChandrak Award List :  Click Her
    For GyanPith Award List : Click Here
    For Sahity Akadami Award List : Click Here
    For Narsinh Maheta Purskar List : Click Here
    Gujarat no Sanskrutik Varaso Part-1 : Click Here
    Gujarat No sanskrutik Varaso Part-2 : Click Here
    Gujarati Alankaar & Chand : Click Here
    Mahila Yojnaao : Click here
    Gujarat ni Nadiyo ane sarovaro : Click Here
    Famous Persons : Click here
    Asarkark Varg Vyavhar Module : Click here
    Gujarat quiz : click here
    Gujarati Grammar Book: Click here
    Gujarat Ni Jamin Ni Lakshniktao : Click here
    Educational Short Forms : Click here
    Gujarati Sahityni Pratham Krutio : Click here
    Vignan Na sadhano Ante tena Upyogo : Click here
    Gujarati Sahitykaar Ane temni Khyatnam Krutio : Click here
    RTE Ane Vahivati 60 Questions : Click here
    Pragna Abhigam 40 questions : Click here
    Current Affairs(14-04-15 to 09-05-2015) 100 questions : Click here
    section - 2(Vahivati Sanchalan)
    NCTE Act 1993 : Click here
    Section-3 (Reasoning And Logical Ability)
    Calendar Related Questions solution : Click here
    Direction And Distance(Disha Ane Antar) : Click here
    Bachav Prayuktio : Click here
             More will Be uploaded Soon
    Part -2 Standard 1 to 8 Content (By Hiren Patel)
    Std 1 to 5 Content : Click here
    Std 6 to 8 Social Science(First Sem.) : Click here
    Std 6 to 8 Social Science(Second Sem.) : Click here
    Std.6 to 8 Hindi(First and Second Sem) : Click He
    Std. 6 to 8 Maths (First and Second Sem) : Click here
    Std.6 to 8 Gujarati(First and Second Sem) : Click Here
    Std.6 to 8 Sanskrit(First and Second Sem) : Click here
    Std.6 to 8 Science And Tech.(first and second sem): Click here
    Date:16-08-2015 - HTAT/ TET 1 Materials:Click Here
    TET / TAT / HTAT Best Materials By Bharat Chauhan:Click Here
    HTAT Latest Materials: Part 1  ,Part 2
    HTAT Materials (Bala.Pragna,Adepts):Click Here
    HTAT latest Materials :click Here
    HTAT Jobchart-click here
    HTAT Some Important Circulars
    1.HTAT Anubhav temaj Parisixth 1 to 4-click here
    2.HTAT-Sidhi Bharti Age Limit Circular-click here
         TET 2 Answerkey




    Download HTAT Exam Latest Materials

    Download HTAT Exam Latest Materials

    Bharat Bandharan:Click Here

    Bombay Act 1947:Click Here

    Bombay Act 1949:Click Here

    NCTE Act 1993: Click Here

    RTE 2005:Click Here

    RTE 2009:Click Here

    Bal Manovignan:Click Here

    School Grant :Click Here

    Shala Daftar :Click Here

    Sanklit Shikshan IED:Click Here

    SCE Mulyankan:Click Here

    Padagology:Click Here

    Pri Panchayat Raj:Click Here

    Shikshan History:Click Here

    SMC Comitee:Click Here

    Gujarat Seva Niyam 1:Click Here

    Gujarat Seva Niyam 2:Click Here

    Hako ane Farjo:Click Here

    Manovignan:Click Here
    HTAT Previous Years Answer Key:
    TET I Previous  Years Answer Key:
    TET I 2012 :Click HereTET I 2014 :Click Here
    TET II Previous  Years Answer key:
    Language:   Exam 1   ,   Exam 2   ,Exam 3Maths ScienceExam 1 , Exam 2,   Exam 3Social Science: Exam 1 ,Exam 2 ,Exam 3Common Paper: Exam 1  ,Exam 2,  Exam 3
    Std:1 to 8 Study Materials by Hiren Patel
    - Std  1 to 5 Study Materials:Click Here
    -Std 6 to 8 Maths First & Second Sem: Link 1 (1st Sem) , Link 2 (2nd Sem)
    -Std 6 to 8 Social Science Sem 2:Click Here
    -Std 6 to 8 Hindi First & Second Sem : Link 1 (1st Sem) ,Link 2 (2nd Sem)
    -Std 6 to 8 Gujarati First & Second Semester:Link 1: (1st Sem) ,Link 2 (2nd Sem) 

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