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    17 November 2017


    USERNAME:- gujarat
    PASSWORD:- eciguj
    This mobile application is for Election officials who are responsible for conduct of elections in respective States/UTs.
               The application provide an easy interface, where by a user can watch the short clips of training films on his Android Smartphone. The video clips are available in many India languages and can be downloaded for offline viewing.
    User can watch videos in many languages like English, Hindi, Assamese and Malayalam etc.
    Videos: -
    1. Online Videos
         a) user can watch online videos, which needs Internet connectivity.
    2. Offline Videos: -
        a) The feature allows users to continue to enjoy their favorite videos on their Mobile devices even when

             there is no usable network connection
        b) Offline feature allows users to save videos to their device for later consumption. These videos can be
             downloaded via mobile data or Wi-Fi network.
        c) “My Downloads” Section provide the list of all downloaded videos.
    3. Download Language videos: -
        a) This feature allow user to save all videos of selected language at once for later consumption. User
             can cancel any downloading video or all videos any time during the process.
    Search: -
              Users can locate videos by searching for specific words, without needing to understand or navigate
             through the structure of the App. This can be a quicker or easier way to find videos.

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